What Are People Doing?

Every week the Town Crier blog will look back at Seattle’s near forgotten Town Crier magazine to see what was happening then and talk about what’s happening now. One of the largest sections of the original Town Crier was “What People Are Doing,” highlighting things like, “Lady Gregory’s play, ‘Spreading the News,’ was given an enthusiastic audience,” and, “the Broadway Guild gave a large card party at the Army and Navy Club.” In this new series we’re revisiting the old column and tying it to our community’s current happenings, asking: “what are people doing?”

Today’s entry…

The February 22, 1919 edition of the Town Crier had this bold prediction for 1919, “Doughnuts will be cut very large around the interior and will be loose-fitting and very plain, being entirely without trimming.”

We, at Town Hall, like treats. We had a “Pie and Whiskey” event awhile back. We had cookbook author Gabrielle Langholtz, too. We had discussions of modernist bread and heritage rice, as well. Also? Beer.

We, at Town Hall, like doughnuts (or is it donut?). That said, here is a (not comprehensive) list of some fine doughnut shops in our fair city.

Daily Dozen Doughnut Company. One of the more important reasons to go to Pike Place Market.

General Porpoise. Sure, they’ve got the standard doughnut flavors. But also? Date shake. Rose cream. Peanut butter and jelly.

Good Day Donuts. White Center’s got a hidden gem.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. The one in SODO is an institution now.

Mighty-O Donuts. Their treats are made of GMO-free, zero trans fat, vegan, organic ingredients.

Rodeo Donut. Hazelnut toffee crunch? Wild huckleberry? Apple bourbon bacon? All of the above, please.

Top Pot Doughnuts. Barack Obama ate at Top Pot once. So, there’s that.

Whether the doughnuts of 2019 are loose fitting and very plain, or frosted to the hilt, it makes no difference to us. We just want them in our tummies.

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