A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Forum

Our renovation has touched every corner of Town Hall. When the cranes clear out and the plaster is all swept up, some of our performance spaces will feel revitalized yet familiar—while others will get to introduce themselves all over again.

The Great Hall will retain its classic warmth (with a few modern amenities), but our downstairs space is undergoing a complete transformation. Downstairs is becoming The Forum, a completely modular 300-seat space designed to keep up with Town Hall’s fluid calendar. The room’s design allows it to become the best possible version of itself, re-forming to fit the needs of each event and completely transfiguring the energy each night.

Here are a few events we wish we could have put on in The Forum while we’ve been Inside/Out:

Any Saturday Family Concert with Caspar Babypants. We could rearrange the room to give the kids a wide open dance space up by the stage.

An episode of Sandbox Radio. Sandbox brings so much energy to the stage—and so many performers! Plus they usually bring tons of instruments and sound effects, so they need all the room they can get.

Pie & Whiskey. Can you imagine the whole room downstairs smelling like fresh-baked pie coming from the new kitchen? Delicious.

MIT Enterprise Forum: Art in the 21st Century. On January 16, 2019 the folks from the MIT Enterprise Forum turned The Summit into a pop-up art gallery, with a panel discussion to tie it all together. Once Town Hall’s downstairs is fully transformed into The Forum, we’ll have the flexibility to do that too—plus so much more.

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