About Us


Our Programming Model

Town Hall was founded as a 501(c)3 in 1998, saving a beloved historic building and creating an affordable shared performance home for the region’s small to mid-sized arts and civic organizations. Today, we’ve matured into a nationally unique artistic and civic hub located in the heart of Seattle.

Half of our calendar is built by our rental partners. Through subsidized rental rates and hands-on production/marketing support for these homegrown organizations, Town Hall levels the cultural playing field and amplifies the voices of diverse communities.

The remaining programs, which span the arts, civics, and sciences, are produced collaboratively by Town Hall — our staff, series curators, community partners, and other thinkers and doers who push our creative frontiers. The resulting calendar is an inclusive, present-tense reflection of life here in the Puget Sound region.


Heather Cox Richardson with Marcus Harrison Green

Sliding Scale Tickets

When you purchase tickets for most Town Hall-produced events, you’ll notice the option to choose how much you pay on a scale of $5-$25 per ticket. No matter where you place the sliding scale ticket price, your purchase helps support our programming and our operations.

If cost ever poses a barrier to your attendance at one of our events, please contact us.

22 & Under Program

Town Hall’s 22 & Under program was founded in 2019 with support from City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture, and provides free tickets to all Town Hall-produced events for anyone ages 22 and under. Designed to foster a lifelong love of civics, science, culture, and the arts, this program brings new ideas and experiences to an engaged and curious youth audience.

Note: Town Hall does not set ticket prices for the organizations renting our stages. Our ticketing structure and 22 & Under tickets do not extend to programs produced by rental partners. 

Other Town Hall Programs

Venue Access Program (VAP)

Part of 4Culture’s Building for Equity program, our Venue Access Program (VAP) was launched in 2023 to build a long-term partnership with a small-scale, BIPOC-led nonprofit and offer free access to Town Hall’s stages throughout the season.

We are pleased to welcome Orquesta Northwest as our VAP partner for the program’s inaugural year. Learn more about Orquesta here!


Each season, Town Hall’s Residency program offers local Artists or Scholars a paid opportunity to nourish their creative disciplines and engage with Town Hall programs and collaborate with our programming team to develop original events for the community. This opportunity is open to scholars, journalists (SiR) or visual artists and performing artists (AiR) working in Seattle, King County, and/or the Puget Sound region. Scholars- or Artists-in-Residence bring fresh voices to our programming and expand our perspectives about what happens on Town Hall’s stages.

Current Residencies

2023-2024 Artist-in-Residence: Maia Brown

Maia Brown

Maia Brown (she/her) is a visual artist, Yiddish musician, writer, translator, and educator. Brown has a background in oral history and fine art, including a Watson Fellowship to study storytelling and advocacy in South Africa and the North of Ireland. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts at Goddard College. She is a dedicated student and teacher of her own tradition as well as the many ways people have reached out to each other across communities.

Maia has dedicated herself to arts education while also captivating audiences as a Klezmer musician with her band, Brivele, an anti-fascist Yiddish folk ensemble based in Seattle. Through her translation work in Yiddish political song and poetry, as well as Hebrew and Aramaic liturgy, Maia fosters collaboration among poets, scholars, and musicians both locally and internationally. Her belief in the interdisciplinary nature of diasporic living shines through in her artistic endeavors, all aimed at building connections across generations and cultural boundaries. We look forward to the vibrant contributions Maia will bring to Town Hall and the broader community during her residency. 

Get tickets to Maia’s exploratory Scratch Night on April 13! This event is free to attend, but please pre-register.

Past Residencies

2022-2023 Artist-in-Residence: Shaina Shepherd

Coming Soon.

2022-2023 Scholar-in-Residence: Sally James

Coming Soon.