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Press Recording/Tabling

If you are a member of the press looking to cover or record an event, please use the Press Contact Form and read our Recording/Photography Policies below.

If you are looking to represent your organization or cause at an event, see below for Tabling Information.

Recording/Photography Policies

Please note: These policies apply to events produced by Town Hall. They DO NOT apply to events produced by rental partners.
For rental partner events, please reach out to the producing organization.

Recording (audio, video, or photography) of Town Hall-produced events is permitted only with prior permission. Requests must be made at least one week prior to the event. Email requests to

General guidelines:

  • Approaching the speaker the night of event for an interview is not permitted.
  • Bring an appropriate written release form for signature by the speaker.
  • Credit Town Hall as the event producer and notate venue.
  • The person who receives permission to record at Town Hall is responsible for the adherence to Town Hall protocols by any and all people who record on behalf of their organization.

Night of Event:

  • Check in with the House Manager upon arrival.
  • Be fully qualified to operate their own equipment without assistance from Town Hall staff.
  • Set up and be ready to go 15 minutes prior to the time when doors open to the public. This includes, but is not limited to, cords taped down or covered by mats, cases and unused equipment stored in an area designated by the House Manager, and line level from sound board set and ready.
  • Supply all necessary equipment (including cords, mats, batteries, etc.).
  • Work with existing Town Hall lighting. Supplemental lighting is not allowed.
  • Politely abide with all decisions and requests made by our House Manager or Sound Technician regarding camera placement and all other matters pertaining to the event.
  • Be present at all times during the event.
  • Clean up and remove all refuse before leaving the venue.
  • Respect the integrity of the event for the audience. If you are here as a documentarian, please refrain from participating in the Q&A.
  • The House Manager is the official liaison to the speaker. Please channel all inquiries for the speaker through the House Manager.

Failure to follow any of the protocols listed above will result in denial of permission to record future events. Town Hall House Management reserves final decision-making authority.

Please note: these policies apply to non-commercial recordings. Commercial requests are subject to additional policies and fees. Contact for more information.

Tabling & Solicitation Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to events produced by Town Hall. Rental Partner events may have different policies. Please reach out directly to rental event producers for tabling info.

Town Hall allows partners or other community organizations the opportunity to set up a table to promote causes or collect emails for a newsletter during events. All tabling requests must be facilitated through our communications department in advance (minimum 48 hours notice) by emailing If a request for tabling is approved, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • There will be no signature gathering at Town Hall-produced events.
  • Requests to gather signatures will be directed to public sidewalks outside of the facility.
  • No petitions.
  • No initiatives.
  • No signs in the performance spaces.
  • Distribution of materials away from designated tables is prohibited. (Representatives must remain at table to distribute information about the featured organization.)
  • Soliciting is not permitted.
  • Table linens will not be provided.
  • With prior approval for sales, concessions fees may apply (5% for CDs/books; 15% for general merchandise. Fee must be paid to Town Hall at the conclusion of the event)

Tabling parties agree to allow Town Hall Seattle to photograph or record their activities and permit use of such photographs or recordings for promotional and fundraising purposes. All media access and relations will be coordinated through Town Hall Seattle prior to event.

Tabling parties will at all times comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations and order of federal, state, county and city governments. Tabling parties will also abide by all rules, regulations and directives of Town Hall Seattle.

Tabling parties will not discriminate by segregation or otherwise against any person or persons because of age, sex, race, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation or physical disability in furnishing or by refusing to furnish such person(s) use of service.

Please contact the Event Manager (pre-show) or the House Manager (day-of-show) with any questions.

Tabling & Solicitation Guidelines (Rental Partner Events)

  • Signature gathering on site will be permitted only by prior approval of Town Hall staff (Rental & Booking Director).
  • Signature gathering will be permitted only for issues which are ‘on topic’, as determined by Town Hall staff.
  • Such approval will be granted ONLY to representatives of producing entity. A request to gather signatures will be made on rental application, before the event is made public.
  • All signature gathering will occur behind a designated table alongside any other relevant information in the Lobby.
  • There will be no calls for signature gathering from the stage.
  • Requests to gather signatures outside of the above policies will be directed to public sidewalks outside of the facility.
  • No signs or soliciting in the performance spaces (without prior permission from rental client and Town Hall staff)
  • No yard signs in the building or on Town Hall property
  • No distribution of materials away from designated table. Representatives must remain at table to distribute information about your organization.
  • Concessions fees may apply (5% for CDs/books; 15% for general merchandise. Fee must be paid to Town Hall at the conclusion of the event).

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Patron Services phone lines are open from 12-4pm Tuesday through Friday and one hour before each event.

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