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Why Donate

Town Hall is a place where Seattle comes together with a low-price ticketing model to ensure access for all. Over 100,000 curious Seattlites walk through our doors each season to attend 400+ programs spanning the arts, civics, and science.

Your donation helps us support:

  • Free tickets for all youth age 22 and under
  • Affordable rates for rental partners
  • Production/marketing support for community programs
  • Widespread availability through podcasts and livestreams

Town Hall Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID #91-1910904), and all donations and memberships are fully tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Other Ways To Give

Become a Member

Becoming a member at Town Hall directly supports Town Hall’s mission of accessibility of ideas, by keeping both our stages affordable for our community partners and tickets accessible for our audiences. Support Town Hall’s accessibility while enjoying the benefits of being a member by joining today.

Matching Gifts

Double your donation, double your impact!

Many companies and organizations in the Seattle area (and nationwide!) match their employees’ donations to non-profits. They’ll often match volunteer hours too! Matching gifts are an easy way to double, or maybe even triple, your donation through your employer–thus doubling or tripling your impact! If you work for, or are retired from, a company that matches your charitable contributions please consider enabling your corporate match to make your contribution stretch even further!

Below is an incomplete list of companies that offer matching contributions. Please contact your human resources representative for specific information on your company’s matching gift program.

The following companies generously offer matching gift programs:

Adobe Systems Inc., Aetna, Alaska Airlines, Apple Inc., AT&T, Bank of America Corporation, BECU, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, BlackRock, Boeing, BP plc, Bungie Inc., BNSF Railway Co., Charles Schwab, Chubb & Son Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, Costco, Delta Western, Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, Expedia, Inc., ExxonMobil, Fred Meyer, Inc , General Electric, General Mills, Inc., Genworth Financial, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., Google, The Home Depot, IBM Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, Laird Norton Wealth Management, LexisNexis, Macy’s Inc., MassMutual, Merck & Co., Inc., Meredith Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Milliman, Nintendo of America, Oracle Corporation, Peach Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts , Pfizer, Inc., The Progressive Corporation, Puget Sound Energy, Qualcomm Charitable Foundation, RBC Wealth Management, Russell Investments, Saltchuk Resources, Inc., Shell Oil Company, Starbucks Corporation, Stokes Lawrence Charitable Foundation, Symetra Financial Corporation, Tableau Software, Thomson-Reuters Corporation, U.S. Bank, UBS Financial Services Inc., United Way of King County

Planned Giving

A will is the best place to make plans for your loved ones in the future. It is also an excellent way to take the next step in your commitment to Town Hall Seattle. Many people, like you, who care about maintaining everyone’s access to diverse and fresh ideas, and artistic expression, choose to include Town Hall Seattle in their wills to foster an engaged community for generations to come.

If you have already included Town Hall in your estate planning or if you’re considering it, please let us know. We want to be able to thank you and to invite you to join the Cornerstone Society. If you have any questions, please contact Anthony Canape at

Qualified Charitable Distributions

Are you 70.5 or older with a traditional IRA? If so, you’re eligible to make a tax-free donation directly from your IRA to Town Hall Seattle, regardless of whether or not you itemize on your return. Donating to the Town Hall Seattle directly from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is both convenient and a tax-wise way to support the organization you love.

  • The SECURE Act increases the age individuals must begin taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from their retirement savings from 70½ to 72
  • You may still make a gift from your IRA if you are 70½ years of age on the date of the gift
  • Funds must be transferred directly to the Town Hall or other charity from your IRA
  • If you are 70½ years of age or older (but under 72), any QCDs, though excluded from taxable income, may be included in calculating your future Required Minimum Distributions
  • Please always consult your financial advisor to determine how donating through your retirement fund applies to your specific situation.

To process your donation please, please contact your financial advisor or the company that services your IRA. Please notify us directly when you donate from your IRA – including the amount and financial institution name. Financial institutions send us checks without the donor’s name, so it’s important you let us know so we can thank you!

Town Hall Seattle
720 Seneca St, Ste A
Seattle, WA 98101
501(c)(3) Tax ID 91-1910904

Stock Gifts

Thank you for your interest in making a gift of stock to Town Hall Seattle.

To make a gift of stock, please share the information listed below with your brokerage company. Remind your broker to include your name, contact information, and any special instructions for use of the gift with your transfer. For printable instructions to share with your broker, please click here.

Account: 11143-C; Laird Norton Trust Company (LNTC)
FFC: 569-0116142; THS
DTC: SEI Private Trust Company
DTCC Participant number: 2039
Town Hall Seattle Tax ID: 91-1910904

If you are planning to send stock, please let us know! Contact Anthony Canape at

Tribute and Memorial Gifts

Honor someone special, remember a loved one, or celebrate a special occasion with a gift to Town Hall. Your contribution will be acknowledged with a card informing the person being honored or their family of your generosity and commitment.

Contact Jena Whitesman at to make a tribute or memorial gift.

Corporate Sponsorships

Sponsorships at Town Hall provide businesses with targeted exposure to our distinct community – a community of thinkers, activists, leaders, and artists. Town Hall has grown a trusted audience since 1998 we’re excited to share with you.

Click the link below to learn more!