Staff Spotlight: Ashly Moore Sheldon, Communications Manager

Ashly Moore Sheldon

Ashly Moore Sheldon

How long have you worked at Town Hall?

I started last April, so 5 months now.

What attracted you to working at Town Hall?

I immediately felt comfortable at Town Hall. Great people work here! As communications manager, I get to write about new and different topics every day in promoting our numerous fascinating events.

What book could you read over and over again?

That’s a tough one because there are several books I could read again and again (and do), but I’ll go with Refuge by Terry Tempest Williams, a recent Town Hall speaker.

Who would you most like to see presented at Town Hall?

Well, I just missed seeing Brandi Carlile perform here for last year’s Talk of the Town and she’s one of my all time favorites. So I’m hoping she’ll come back. And I’d love to see more local independent music on our stage.

When you are not working, what are you doing?

Some of my favorite activities include reading, gardening, soccer, long walks, and hanging out with my family and friends.

What is one thing people may not know about you?

I love movies and for many years of my adult life, I saw a movie in the theater each Monday and then I would write a review of the movie and send it out to a group of friends who had asked to be on the list. It’s a tradition I hope to renew – maybe next year when my younger kid leaves for college.

What aspect of your job do you never get tired of?

Researching and writing about the many fascinating people who perform and speak here never gets boring.

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