Rah, Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah

Feb 1, 2019 | Feature, Town Crier

The big game is this Sunday. The New England Patriots will be battling the Los Angeles Rams for the trophy. Some people will be watching the game. Some people will be watching the ads.

Seattle’s Town Crier writers watched a football game or two in their day. The Town Crier was a weekly magazine focusing on Seattle’s news, arts and culture published between 1910 and 1938. Articles featured local artists, musicians, photographers and actors and reviewed local performances. That said, football wasn’t particularly their bag, art was.

Take, for instance, this brief story in the December 1, 1928 issue.

A football game at Bremerton last week-end, but the line of scrimmage didn’t mean much to us because at the end of the field there was a bank covered with somber dark green of fir trees lit here and there by bright autumn foliage, with right in the foreground a slender straight bush, its leaves of gold, just like the Walter Phillips woodcut at the Fine Arts Galleries, and in the sky a silly, misplaced scythe of a moon that didn’t know enough to go home when it got light.

The story did not mention the final score of that Bremerton game.

If football isn’t your bag, either, fear not. There are plenty of art galleries in the area that will be open on Sunday.

The Seattle Art Museum opens at 10.

The Frye Art Museum opens at 11.

The Henry Art Gallery opens at 11.

Further afield:

The Tacoma Art Museum opens at 10.

The Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds opens at 11.

Go! Go! Go!

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