Partner Profile: Zeno

Sep 9, 2015 | Town Hall News

To some, making math fun might seem—well, as hard as math itself.

Zeno makes it look easy. A non-profit whose mission is to increase children’s competence and confidence in math with fun and engaging activities, last season Zeno partnered with Town Hall to bring engaging math-focused programming like ‘stand-up Mathematician’ Matt Parker, Fields Medal winner Cedric Villani, to name a few. “We like to highlight the work being done in our community,” explains Town Hall Program Director Stesha Brandon,” Zeno brings games to programs for audience members to play with and they have put on post-program workshops, which only enriches the experience for all involved.”

This season’s math-focused programming kicks off on September 14th with an evening with “mathemagician” Arthur Benjamin, who brings the message that while math CAN be seriously complex, it’s also seriously fun. “Town Hall has made it possible for our community to come face-to-face with the people who are showing the world that math can be inspiring, exciting and transformative,” says Zeno’s Development Manager Erin Tierney, “what has struck me is seeing so many of our community members bringing their kids and the whole family along and enjoying seeing math through a new lens.”

Already love math? Then we have the programs for you! Never really felt comfortable with algebra or geometry? We still have the programs for you! Attend one of Town Hall’s math-focused programs and give Zeno, and our speakers, a chance to make math fun and engaging for the whole family.

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