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Fermata | Joshua Roman Plays All Four Parts of His New Cello Quartet “Offshoot”

Joshua has composed a new Cello Quartet and used the grand acoustics of the Great Hall to perform all four parts himself. Layering the tracks together reveals the full breadth of the new piece, “Offshoot”.

In the digital short below (available only to subscribers until 10/26) Joshua talks about how his composition process has evolved since becoming Town Music Artistic Director in 2012. He explores how, sometimes, mistakes or frustration can lead to moments of inspiration and motivation and how being a performer and being a composer stretch different creative muscles.

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Fermata Residency | Joshua Roman Multi-Track Cello Test (Subscriber Exclusive)

Joshua recorded multiple tracks on his cello in The Great Hall (see the backstage footage here) and stitched them together into this composition. This multi-track test is in preparation for other collaborative, multi-track work with Fermata collaborators.

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Life On The Margins Special Editions

The Life on the Margins podcast features co-hosts Marcus Harrison Green, Enrique Cerna, and Jini Palmer as they share stories not just about marginalized communities, but from within, and alongside them. In each bi-weekly installment of this residency podcast, they engage with the narratives and experiences of our city, sharing them more widely with the Town Hall community.

In solidarity with the Black and Brown community in the fight for justice against police brutality and the institutionalized racism that enables it, the hosts of the Life On The Margins podcast have released two special edition episodes featuring discussions of police accountability, racism as a public health threat, the search for answers surrounding the death of Manuel Ellis while in police custody.

Listening Guide: In The Moment Ep. 37

In episode #37 of In The Moment, Chief Correspondent Steve Scher talked with Alva Noë about the philosophy of baseball.

Host Jini Palmer talked with Edward Wolcher and Megan Castillo, Town Hall’s Curator of Lectures and Community Engagement Manager, about our upcoming Homecoming festival in September.

Listening Guide: In The Moment Ep. 34

This listening guide is a two-parter! In episode #34 of In The Moment, Chief Correspondent Steve talks with Rachel Louise Snyder (5:25), host Jini Palmer covers a conversation between Executive Director Wier Harman and Town Hall founder David Brewster (15:51) and correspondent Charles Cross talks with John Waters (1:08) about his transgressive movies, living with stars, and some shared moments in Seattle. Waters reflects on what he’s learned along the way and where he’s going now.

Listening Guide: In The Moment Ep. 30

In episode #30 of In The Moment, correspondent and Grist editor Matt Craft sat down with journalist Dahr Jamail (2:17), Chief Correspondent Steve Scher interviews Siri Hustvedt (12:28), and host Jini Palmer highlights a  theatrical radio performance from the Mahogany Project for the 13th annual Urban Poverty Forum (24:16).