Staff Spotlight: Sarah Szabo, Senior Manager, Individual Giving

Sarah Szabo

How long have you worked at Town Hall?

2 years and 3 months.

What attracted you to working at Town Hall?

I love the diversity of Town Hall’s programming. As someone who has a wide variety of interests Town Hall provides engaging talks and performances for all of me and not just one of my interests.

What book could you read over and over again?

I love Greek mythology and The Iliad was the poem that started me down that path. I read it once a year along with Edith Hamilton’s Mythology.

Who would you most like to see presented at Town Hall?

I am a huge history buff and I believe that it is through, not only the acknowledgement of the events that make up our history (good or bad), but the critical analysis of the culture at the time that led to decisions being made that will lead us to make more educated decisions in the future. So I would love to see even more authors/educators take our stage to engage in discussion of our history and how it relates to our present.

When you are not working, what are you doing?

When I am in town you will find me at the movies more often than not, but I have also started scuba diving in the last year and a half, so am typically somewhere in the Sound once a month. I also take every opportunity to travel, so at least 3 weeks a year I am out of the country on an adventure—my first trip to Japan is coming up in February.

What is one thing people may not know about you?

I always like to keep my hands busy, which is why I have a constant hands-on art project I am working on, whether it is a sculpting class or using my new colored pencils, I can sit for hours, but my hands will be moving. I am in the middle of cross-stitching a Christmas stocking for my father right now and I am loving every second of it!

What aspect of your job do you never get tired of?

Meeting our members, Town Hall has such a large group of dedicated members that we see week after week and it has been a joy to get to know so many of them over the past two years.

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