We're committed to equal access for all.

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Town Hall is devoted to ensuring ADA compliance in all spaces of our newly renovated building. If you have an accommodation request, please email or reach out to a volunteer or Town Hall staff on the night of the event.

Construction Note: Although our building renovation is complete, our block will still be under development for at least two years. Click here for more information about the construction schedule for this area.

Note: Seneca St. has a steep grade. Use the 8th Ave entrance for an at-grade access point.

Access at Town Hall:

Town Hall has undergone an historic renovation to become an even more accessible home for our city’s conversations and creativity. This includes the new at-grade West Entrance, a new elevator, and 17 at-grade all-gender restrooms—as well as fully accessible stages and green rooms for our speakers and performers.

Our Hearing Loop system has been installed in all three of our performance spaces, enabling audience members with T-coil hearing aids to experience our events at full volume by having sounds from the stage’s microphones transmitted directly to their hearing aids! We’re still configuring these Hearing Loops, and they’ll be active in time for our Homecoming festival in the fall.

To read our full accessibility statement, click here.

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