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Town Hall is committed to keeping our programming accessible to all.
During the COVID-19 outbreak we will rely on our livestream platform to continue presenting programs.

Help sustain free media for the community by supporting Town Hall through a donation or membership.

How To Watch

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re presenting our events digitally. Use your my.THS account to purchase tickets and watch livestreams directly on our website. Events will be available to watch in our media library 5 days after the live presentation.

If you have questions about livestreaming, please visit our Patron Services page or contact

Upcoming Livestreams

Sat 8/7, 2021, 11:00am
Town Hall Seattle and Citizen University present
Civic Saturday
Presented In-Person and Virtually
Wed 9/8, 2021, 6:00pm
Thom Hartmann
Replacing America's “sickness for profit” Healthcare System
Fri 9/10, 2021, 6:00pm
Christopher W. Leahy
A Brief Compendium of Avian Lore
Tue 9/14, 2021, 6:00pm
Giulio Boccaletti
Water—A Biography
Thu 9/23, 2021, 7:30pm
Leigh Cowart
The Science and Culture of Pain on Purpose
Sat 9/25, 2021, 2:00pm
Darren Naish
A Brief Compendium of Dinosaur Lore

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