Town Hall is committed to keeping our programming accessible to all.
During the COVID-19 outbreak we will rely on our livestream platform to continue presenting programs.

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How To Watch

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re presenting our events digitally. You can view livestream broadcasts by registering using the BUY TICKETS button on any event page. You will receive a link to access the livestream shortly after purchase. Events will be available to watch in our media library 5 days after the live presentation.

If you have questions about livestreaming, please read our Digital Registration and Livestream Tips & FAQs or contact

Upcoming Livestreams

Dec 5, 2020
André Gregory and Todd London (livestream)
Reflections on a Life Lived for Art
Dec 6, 2020
Ed Power with Craig Gordon (livestream)
Avalanche Detectives: Dragons in the Snow
Dec 7, 2020
Lyric World: Shin Yu Pai with Arthur Sze (podcast)
In The Moment Podcast, Ep 79
Dec 7, 2020
Mario Livio (livestream)
The Relevance of Galileo and Science Denial in the Modern World
Dec 8, 2020
Michael Eric Dyson with Robin DiAngelo (livestream)
Reckoning with Race in America
Dec 9, 2020
Michael Riedel with David Stone (livestream)
A Decade of Triumphs and Disasters on Broadway

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