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Dr. Joy Buolamwini with Charles Mudede

Decoding the Future

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Sunday, February 18
7:30 pm PST
$5 – $25 Sliding Scale

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Ever wondered how the AI revolution could be impacting us more than we realize?

Dr. Joy Buolamwini, dubbed “the conscience of the AI revolution” by Fortune, unveils the story behind the headlines in her book, Unmasking AI. From her early days tinkering with robotics in Memphis to challenging tech giants as a Fulbright fellow in Zambia, Dr. Buolamwini’s journey is a testament to her lifelong passion for computer science, engineering, and art.

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Discover how she exposed the pervasive racial and gender biases encoded in AI services worldwide during her time as a graduate student at MIT’s “Future Factory.” Unmasking AI presents a comprehensive exploration of the challenges posed by the “coded gaze,” shedding light on potential vulnerabilities faced by various segments of humanity in our evolving AI-driven landscape.

Dr. Joy Buolamwini, founder of the Algorithmic Justice League and a leading MIT researcher, artist, and model, authored the National Bestseller Unmasking AI: My Mission to Protect What Is Human in a World of Machines. Advising world leaders on AI harms, her research on facial recognition technologies has revolutionized AI auditing. With a TED talk on algorithmic bias boasting over 1.6 million views, Dr. Joy actively contributes her expertise to congressional hearings and government agencies, advocating for equitable and accountable AI policy. Featured in prestigious publications and recognized with numerous awards, including Forbes 30 under 30, she is hailed as the “conscience of the AI revolution.” Dr. Joy holds a Ph.D. from MIT and enjoys drawing and drumming in her free time. Visit www.unmasking.ai for more information.

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