Loyalty Donor Spotlight: Gerri and Robert Haynes

Gerri and Robert Haynes

We are so grateful for our Loyalty Members (our supporters with at least three consecutive years of Town Hall membership). Your loyal support sustains Town Hall year after year and is more critical than ever as we prepare for our upcoming renovation! It is our pleasure to highlight two of these supporters: Gerri and Robert Haynes, Town Hall Gold Level Loyalty members.

What drew you to Town Hall and made you want to become members?

Nowhere else in Seattle have we found the diversity and depth of discussions found here at Town Hall—we love the range of speakers and topics, offering Seattle important information through enlightening and entertaining programs.

You’ve been donating to Town Hall since 2002. What keeps you coming back year-after-year?

We want to sustain Town Hall and support the whole process—it is so important for the spirit of Seattle.

What has been a highlight or particularly memorable experience you’ve had at Town Hall?

Just walking into the venue, greeting the curious mind of the participants, is great—and going to the receptions and meeting with the speakers is a treat!

Donor Spotlight: Wyncote Foundation Northwest

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Donor Spotlight: Wyncote Foundation Northwest

Wyncote Foundation NWTown Hall Seattle was spared from the wrecking ball nearly 15 years ago, largely due to the vision of founder and longtime executive director, David Brewster. He saw the need for a space that could be a home for many small non-profits in Seattle – a platform where many voices could engage with the community. A group of 17 community leaders and visionaries championed this cause and helped fund the purchase of the building.

Fast forward 15 years, and we find ourselves in deep gratitude and appreciation for the vision of our patrons. The Campaign for Town Hall is a project for our community, and has been embraced as such. Many have stepped forward to invest in the future of Town Hall, through donations, guidance and leadership.
One such donor is the Wyncote Foundation. Incorporated in 2009, the foundation supports causes from arts and education to preservation. Town Hall is fortunate to be the recipient of a $2,000,000 grant to restore and preserve our building. $1,000,000 of this gift is designated as a challenge grant, to help build momentum around fundraising efforts. To unlock this gift, Town Hall has started the 90 in 90 Challenge. In short, if we receive 90 major gifts in the first 90 days of 2016, this gift will be unlocked. If you have questions about the challenge, please contact Michael Breeden, Capital Campaign Manager, at 206.652.4255 ext. 20 or Michael@townhallseattle.org.

The generosity of The Wyncote Foundation is transformational, as is the support of so many other organizations and individuals in our community. Our deep gratitude extends to all of the generous donors who have contributed thus far.[/vc_column_text]


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