Announcing Wier Harman Way!

Apr 29, 2024 | Announcement, Town Hall News

A dedicated city block in honor of our former executive director

Wier loved Town Hall, but what he loved even more was our community. His innate belief that we’re better together is something to hold close. We know that many people will continue honoring Wier as they walk through Town Hall’s doors and to serve as an even more meaningful reminder of Wier’s impact on Seattle, we’re proud to announce that the city block where Town Hall stands has been dedicated as Wier Harman Way by the City of Seattle — a small token of appreciation for a man who meant so much to so many.  

The proclamation read at City Hall on April 9 will hang proudly in the Town Hall building as a constant reminder of Wier’s legacy and dedication to the mission of Town Hall. He’s in every corner of the Town Hall building, and now his legacy will extend onto our street.

Read on below for the full proclamation — or click the video to watch Wier’s wife, Barbara Sauermann and Town Hall Board Member, Yazmin Mehdi, at City Hall when the proclamation was passed.

WHEREAS, Wier Harman moved to Seattle twice, once as a company member of Annex Theater and once as the executive director of Town Hall. “I came back to Seattle because I always had it — even after I left — I always had it still in my heart,” he said; and 

WHEREAS, under Wier’s stewardship Town Hall grew into a key organization in the regional arts and culture ecosystem, merging civic engagement, community building, and cultural  activity, presenting artists and organizers from around the world, and drawing the Seattle cultural community closer together; and

WHEREAS, Wier brought a deep generosity of spirit and an excitement for possible futures to all of his personal friendships and all of his professional dealings; and

WHEREAS, Wier led Town Hall through a $35.5 million capital project, he co-founded the Downtown Historic Theater District, he co-produced over 400 events a year, and he presided over the radical expansion of access and inclusiveness at Town Hall; and

WHEREAS, Governor Jay Inslee remembered Wier, saying “Wier was a particular kind of  genius. His genius was one of mutuality, of harmony, of provoking and inspiring genius in others. In getting people to see it in others. He brought us together”; and

WHEREAS, Wier leaves behind a beautiful young family and an extended family of friends and  colleagues who loved him and will carry his legacy forward; NOW, THEREFORE:

A RESOLUTION providing an honorary designation of 8th Avenue between Seneca Street and Spring Street as “Wier Harman Way.”

Our sincere thanks to a close friend and Town Hall supporter who helped underwrite the street signage.

Read more about the resolution and Wier’s impact on the city HERE.

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