A Message From Wier

Jun 8, 2017 | Town Hall News

Dear Members,

18 years ago, David Brewster and a group of civic-minded philanthropists saved our graceful old building from the wrecking ball. They placed a bet on an only-in-Seattle kind of shared cultural space: a lofty-but-not-stuffy reflection of our city’s curiosity, creativity, and deep understanding that we thrive when we come together in community.

Nearly two decades later, we find ourselves at a thrilling moment—we’ve raised over $20 million to give our historic home the love it needs, and we’ll break ground this summer on a top-to-bottom renovation. We’re celebrating this new phase in our campaign and our project with a broad public challenge we’re calling “Dig Deep,” a month of community-level fundraising to help start construction. Dig Deep culminates in Groundbreak, the spectacular weeklong sendoff to the 2016–17 season and the “old” Town Hall, to which you are all enthusiastically invited. We’ve packed it full of old friends and fresh debuts, live music and lively conversation. The last day itself will be a morning to midnight party—remember the old “Around-The Clock” programs?—that will have something for everybody. It’s going to be an incredible week and I hope you can join us.

Last thing. Like Town Hall itself, this milestone is only possible because of the humbling support of our members—the advocacy, the affection, the true feeling of connection and belonging that surrounds this place. I wrote last month with a note about my recent health challenges. This may sound strange but I can say that in the weeks following I have learned firsthand what it feels like to have some of that good energy directed to me. The outpouring of well-wishes and support in response to my diagnosis has rendered all of those traits of our community very personally to me. I am humbled and grateful.

These last 12 years have been the most satisfying of my professional life. And right here, right now, I have never been more grateful to be a member of this community. We stand on the edge of big and exciting changes. Thanks for standing with us again—and thank you for making Brewster’s founding bet a winner.

See you at Groundbreak,

Wier Harman
Executive Director

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