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Matching Gifts

Matching gifts are an easy way to double, maybe even triple, your donation through your employer. If your or your spouse’s company will match your gift, send in the employer’s matching gift confirmation to Town Hall so we can credit you for enabling this matching gift.

Companies that provide gift matching:

Show Companies

Click on the links below to go straight to your company’s giving portal or matching gift form.

Adobe1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $5,000Full-time
Alaska Airlines1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $4,000Full-time/Part-time
AMD1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $3,000Full-time/Part-time
Amgen1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $20,000Full-time/Part-time
Bank of America1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $5,000Full-time/Part-time/Retired*
BECU1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $5,000Full-time/Retired*
Boeing1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $6,000Full-time/Part-time/Retired*
BP1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $5,000Full-time/Part-time
Disney1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $15,000Full-time/Part-time
eBay1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $2,500Full-time/Part-time
Expedia1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $4,000Full-time/Part-time
Gates Foundation3:1 match($3 for every $1)up to $30,000Full-time/Part-time
Google1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $6,000Full-time/Part-time
IBM1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $5,000Full-time/Part-time/Retired*
Intermec5:1 match($5 for every $1)up to $75,000Full-time/Part-time
Lease Crutcher Lewis1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $500Full-time/Part-time
Liberty Mutual.5:1 match($.50 for every $1)up to $25,000Full-time/Part-time/Retired*
Medtronic1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $50,000Full-time/Part-time/Retired*
Meredith Corp.1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $5,000Full-time/Part-time
Microsoft1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $15,000Full-time/Part-time
Nordstrom1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $5,000Full-time/Part-time
QuoteWizard3:1 match($3 for every $1)up to $10,000Full-time/Part-time
RealNetworks2:1 match($2 for every $1)up to $15,000Full-time/Part-time/Retired*
Russell Investments1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $5,000Full-time/Part-time
Starbucks1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $1,500Full-time/Part-time/Retired*
Tableau Software1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $500Full-time/Part-time
T-Mobile1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $1,000Full-time/Part-time
Verizon1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $1,000Full-time/Part-time/Retired*
Wells Fargo1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $5,000Full-time/Part-time/Retired*
Williams Companies1:1 match($1 for every $1)up to $10,000Full-time/Part-time/Retired*


*Matching donations for retired employees vary company to company, please check with your past employer’s HR department for current ratio.

Volunteer Hour Matching

Are you one of Town Hall’s 180 active volunteers? If you work for a company that provides matching donations for volunteer hours, we encourage you to also enable these matching donations. All volunteer hour matching donations are invested back into the Volunteer Program!

Companies that provide volunteer hour matching donations:

Show Companies

Click on the links below to go straight to your company’s giving portal.

Adobe20 hours =$250up to $2,500
Alaska Airlines1 hour =$10 (after 5 hours)up to $1,000
AMD1 hour =$15 (after 10 hours)up to $3,000
Amgen15 hours =$500 (after 15 hours) $25 for each additional hourup to $2,000
Bank of America50 hours =$250 (after 50 hours)up to $500
BECU30 hours =$100up to $100
Boeing1 hour =$10 (25 hour segments)up to $6,000
Disney1 hour =$10 (after 10 hours)up to $2,000
eBay8 hours =$100 (after 8 hours)up to $500
Expedia1 hour =$10 (after 5 hours)up to $1,000
Gates Foundation1 hour =$25no cap
Google1 hour =$10 (5 hour segments)no cap
Meredith Corp.1 hour =$10 (after 20 hours)up to $500
Metronic25 hours =$500 (after 25 hours)up to $500
Microsoft1 hour =$25no cap
RealNetworks1 hours=$25 (after 10 hours)up to $2,500
Russell Investments25 hours =$200 (after 25 hours)up to $400
Starbucks1 hour =$10 (after 25 hours)up to $1,000
T-Mobile1 hour =$10up to $1,000
Verizon50 hours =$750 (after 50 hours)up to $750

Tribute and Memorial Gifts

Honor someone special, remember a loved one, or celebrate a special occasion with a gift to Town Hall. Your contribution will be acknowledged with a card informing the person being honored of your generosity and commitment, or if you wish to remember someone who appreciated Town Hall during their lifetime with a memorial gift , your contribution will be acknowledged with a personal card to the family or friends you designate.

Contact Kimberly Buchan, Developement Director, at or call (206) 826-9072

Planned Giving

Making a gift to Town Hall beyond your own lifetime can leave a lasting impact. When you make a legacy gift, you can designate all or a portion or your personal estate or specific property through a bequest in your will or living trust, or as a named beneficiary of your retirement or life insurance plans.


One of the simplest ways to support Town Hall is through your will or living trust. A bequest can provide critical funding for the future of this community cultural center in service to the community.

You can name Town Hall as the direct beneficiary of a stated amount of money or a stated percentage of your estate. You can also designate Town Hall to receive all or a portion of the remainder of your estate once all specific bequest have been satisfied. You may even designate Town Hall as a contingent beneficiary in the event that family members or other beneficiaries do not survive you.

Key contact information you may need in order to include Town Hall as a beneficiary:

  • Legal name: Town Hall Association
  • Address: 1119 8th Avenue Seattle WA 98101
  • Tax ID#: 91-1910904
  • Relationship: Nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status

Below is sample bequest language you may use:

Specific Bequest
“I, [NAME] give, devise and bequest to Town Hall Association, 1119 8th Avenue, Seattle WA 98101 or its successor organizations, [DOLLAR AMOUNT] (the sum of $[XXXX.XX]); ([NUMBER] percentage of my estate); (the following property: [LIST PROPERTY]); or (the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate) for its unrestricted use and purpose.

Contingent Bequest

“If [NAME] (primary beneficiary) does not survive me, then I give Town Hall Association, 1119 8th Avenue, Seattle WA 98101 or its successor organizations, [DOLLAR AMOUNT] (the sum of $[XXXX.XX]); ([NUMBER] percentage of my estate); (the following property: [LIST PROPERTY]); or (the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate) for its unrestricted use and purpose

Retirement Plans

You can also name Town Hall as a beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), 401(k) Plan, 403(b) Plan, or other qualified retirement plan. This type of gift can help reduce the taxes you pay on retirement savings. Simply contact your plan administrator and request a beneficiary form.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy may include Town Hall as a beneficiary, whereby proceeds from the policy will be paid to Town Hall upon the death of the insured. Or, you can name Town Hall as both owner and beneficiary of the insurance policy. This type of irrevocable gift would entitle you to a tax deduction in the year you make your gift. If your policy is not fully funded, you may make tax deductible contributions to Town Hall to cover the future premium payments. for more information about this type of legacy gift, please consult your tax adviser.

Additional Information

We encourage you to speak with your legal and tax advisers about the type of bequest that might work best for you. If you have made a provision for Town Hall in your estate plans, please let us know so that we may recognize your generosity. If is also useful for Town Hall to keep a copy of the pages of your will that outlines this bequest, if you are comfortable with providing this information for our files.

For more information about planned giving and how you can make a lasting impact on Town Hall, please contact the Development Department at (206) 538-4231 or email

Appreciated Stock Gifts

Donors are discovering the ease and added benefits of giving gifts of appreciated securities. Often giving a gift of stock to Town Hall will create tax savings for the donor. Because of capital gains considerations, it is often more beneficial to contribute appreciated securities directly to Town Hall rather than to sell them and donate the proceeds of the sale. Please download our Stock Gifts information document by clicking here.

Questions? Please reach out.

Please reach out with any questions or comments regarding donations and other ways to give.

(206) 652-4255


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