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The Great Hall

Please note: Town Hall continues to provide rental space and production support for virtual events and in-building events that comply with current restrictions.
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The Great Hall

Town Hall’s signature performance space is a premier venue for acoustic and amplified music, as well as human voice.

  • 857 Capacity
  • Iconic curved oak pews
  • Custom acoustic reflector

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Spec Sheet Ground Plan

Space Overview

Room Specs

  • Room Size: 9, 415ft2
  • Room Dimensions: 91ft-8in X 108ft
  • Room Capacity: 857
  • Stage Dimensions: 36ft wide X 20ft deep
  • Deck Height: 31in

Features & Spaces

  • 7ft Steinway Model B 2004 Piano
  • Green Room & Dressing Room
  • Private Backstage Restroom

Lighting Equipment

  • ETC Element 2 Console (500 channels/6144 outputs)
  • (34) ETC Source Four LED, Series 2
  • (22) ETC D40 Studio HD

Sound & Media Equipment

  • Allen & Heath dLive C2500 Control Surface with Dante Card (60 inputs)
  • Hearing Loop System
  • 13k Lumens Digital Projector (HIGHlite Laser II 3D)
  • Motorized Projection Screen (16:9 Ratio, 135in X 240in)

Download full spec sheet for detailed inventory.

Building-Wide Sound Equipment

Shared between spaces, subject to availability.

Wired Microphones

  • (9) Shure SM58
  • (3) Shure SM58S (with on/off switch)
  • (4) Shure SM57
  • (2) Audio Technica AT2010
  • (1) Rode NT4 Stereo Microphone

Wireless Microphones

  • (4) Shure ULXD4 Wireless Reciever
  • (4) Shure ULXD2 Handheld Trasmitter Mic
  • (4) Shure ULXD1 Body Pack Trasmitter
  • (4) Shure 4080 Cardioid Lavalier Microphone
  • (4) DPA 4166 Flex Omnidirectional Headset Microphone

Misc. Sound Equipment

  • (1) Radial Passive Stereo Direct Box
  • (1) Radial Passive Direct Box
  • (1) Radial Active Direct Box
  • (4) Whirlwind Direct Box Director
  • (1) Whirlwind Active Press Box
Assorted snakes, cables, and mic stands. Additional equipment available upon request.

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