Renowned Mathematician And Physicist Freeman Dyson Has Died At Age 96

Feb 28, 2020 | Feature, Town Crier

Town Hall Seattle sends our condolences to the Dyson family. Renowned mathematician and physicist Freeman Dyson passed away after suffering a fall at Princeton University.

Dyson’s most useful contribution to science was the unification of the three versions of quantum electrodynamics invented by Feynman, Schwinger and Tomonaga. He subsequently worked on nuclear reactors, solid state physics, ferromagnetism, astrophysics and biology, looking for problems where elegant mathematics could be usefully applied.

Town Hall Seattle hosted Freeman Dyson on two occasions. His last visit was in May 2018. He was joined on stage by Neal Stephenson to discuss his autobiography, Maker of Patterns.

That discussion:

It was an honor for Town Hall to host Freeman directly and to consider his work and enduring legacy.

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