Tue 11/3, 2015, 7:30pm
Marion Nestle
How to Beat ‘Big Soda’ Companies

Sugary soda drinks are taking over–at an increasingly negative cost to our health. What’s got everyone so hooked on Diet Coke and Pepsi? In Soda Politics, former FDA board member and nutrition expert Marion Nestle (Food Politics) chronicles the dramatic rise of the corporations, legislation, and politicians behind the soda industry–and the advocates who are fighting back. She’ll share the devastating consequences of a society obsessed with soda–increased rates of obesity, risk for Type 2 Diabetes, poor dental health–how targeted advertising to low-income populations contributes to this, and the ways soda-funded research groups (like Global Energy Balance Network) help perpetuate these. Nestle’s solution-based approach to the issue–highlighting successful programs in Mexico City and elsewhere–provides the building blocks for a healthier future–one with less aspartame and a more sustainable consumption model.

Presented by: Town Hall, Action for Healthy Food, and Book Larder, as part of the Civics series.

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