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Tue 11/14, 2023, 6:30pm
University of Washington Office of Public Lectures presents
Arathi Sethumadhavan
Embracing a Human-Centric Approach to AI Development
Headshot of Dr. Arathi Sethumadhavan sitting on a couch (with medium skin and shoulder length wavy black hair)

Throughout this year, several noteworthy examples have brought to light the profound effects of AI technologies on individuals and society. We witnessed AI systems displaying unfair bias towards disabled parents, data enrichment workers prone to low wages and inadequate working conditions, a chatbot providing improper advice to teens, Hollywood writers protesting against AI content generation, and deepfakes blurring the line between fabricated information and reality. Furthermore, a recent survey conducted by KPMG showed that three out of five people across nations are wary about trusting AI due to various factors including, cybersecurity threats, impact to human rights, biased outcomes, job loss, and deskilling. Needless to say, creating equitable and trustworthy experiences necessitates thorough deliberation.

In this lecture, Dr. Sethumadhavan will employ compelling case studies to highlight how incorporating the feedback of relevant stakeholders, including end-users, marginalized communities, domain experts, and data moderators can help to proactively identify AI-related harms and develop appropriate mitigations, while unlocking the positive benefits of technology.

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Presented by the University of Washington Office of Public Lectures.

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