Donor Spotlight: Lynly Beard

Sep 15, 2016 | Town Hall News

Lynly Beard

Lynly Beard

As we enter the stride of the capital campaign, we want to take a moment to recognize and thank the amazing Town Hall members who are also supporting the renovation and preservation of our 100-year-old historic building!

One such duel-donor is Lynly Beard, a Town Hall Loyalty member.


What drew you to Town Hall and made you want to become a member?

Town Hall provides a sense of community and an educational sandbox. You can go and listen to people you know learn about a topic you know nothing about. You are surrounded by interesting, curious people who want to stretch their comfort zone or share a passion. It is all the best parts of school – continuous learning minus the required homework!

You’ve been a member of Town Hall for 5 years. What keeps you coming back year after year?

Getting to see people that you hear from everyday like Steve Inskeep, as well as a chance to see major players and rising stars from many different fields. If you are jonesing for some science, or want to hear music, you can get it at Town Hall.

What has been a highlight or particularly memorable experience you’ve had at Town Hall?

There have been a number of things that were inspiring and enlightening, and some that were surprising. I really enjoyed Tavis Smiley, Edmund Wilson, Rebecca Eaton and a program with Sherman Alexie, Jess Walters and Jonathan Evison. Most recently I admired and enjoyed Diana Nyad tremendously.

You’re also contributing to our capital campaign to renovate our building—thank you! What are you looking forward to most about the renovation?

A new HVAC system so there can be year-round events, and of course, improved and enlarged restrooms!

Why is it important to you keep your membership during our Inside Out year?

Town Hall is going to come back with a much improved venue – I feel it is important to support it while it renovates. After all, my friends didn’t drop me when I remodeled! I believe the passion and vigor that Town Hall encourages and promotes will still be going strong during this time. I am looking forward to going out to different neighborhoods for Town Hall programs with diverse and new audiences and fresh viewpoints.

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