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Renovation Update

The Renovation Continues

The Renovation Continues

If you’ve passed near our historic First Hill home on 8th Ave and Seneca in the last few weeks, you may have seen the scaffolding that’s gone up around Town Hall’s façade. It’s been thrilling to see...

View from the Top

The stained glass windows in our Great Hall have been fully removed and taken offsite for restoration, leaving us with an unconventional view of the changing leaves. It’s remarkable how quickly the renovation has changed the look of our familiar building, and there’s still so much more to go.

Robot on the Stairs

The vomitorium from our lobby level to the Great Hall remained unused due to safety concerns. Although this stairway certainly lent some charm to the lobby, with the help of this excavator, we’d much rather use the space for adding 17 accessible new restrooms on the ground floor!

Behind Bars

This sturdy rebar frame will be filled with concrete to thicken and reinforce our historic walls as part of our seismic stabilization efforts! The building is currently unreinforced masonry, so the importance of earthquake-proofing cannot be overstated.