A vibrant gathering place in the heart of Seattle, Town Hall fosters an engaged community through civic, arts, and educational programs that reflect—and inspire—our region’s best impulses: creativity, empathy, and the belief that we all deserve a voice.

Who We Are Our Historic Building Staff & Board Financials

Who We Are

Town Hall is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1998 to save a beloved historic building and create an affordable performance home for the region’s small to midsized arts and civic organizations.

Today, Town Hall has matured into a nationally unique artistic and civic hub located in the heart of Seattle. We annually engage 110,000+ people at more than 425 events, host 90 community producers on our stages, present hundreds of artists and scholars, and collaborate with an additional 150 grassroots groups in our self-produced programs.

Far more than just a venue, Town Hall is a gathering place where ideas are planted and movements grow. It’s where we come together as a community to listen and be heard—to ask and answer the big questions facing our city and our world.

Our highly collaborative model and deep commitment to accessibility—for presenters and audiences—make us a new kind of cultural catalyst. Half of our calendar is built by community producers (about 90 every year). Through subsidized rental rates and hands-on production/marketing support for these homegrown organizations, Town Hall levels the cultural playing field and amplifies the voices of diverse communities.

The remaining 200+ programs—spanning the arts, civics, and sciences—are produced by Town Hall: our staff, series curators, 150 collaborating partners, and other thinkers and doers who push our creative frontiers.

The resulting calendar is an inclusive, present-tense reflection of life here in the Puget Sound. With wide open doors and radically affordable ticket prices, everyone can take part, be inspired, and use their voice to shape our future.

Our Historic Building

The Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, built this edifice in two stages, 1916-1922. It was built at the peak of the Christian Science movement, when the church could afford generous spaces and fine finishes. The congregation was the sole and continuous occupant of the building until it was sold to Town Hall in 1998.

Architect for the church was George Foote Dunham of Portland, whose one other building in Seattle is the Christian Science Church on Northeast 17th on Fraternity Row in the University District. Dunham used a popular style for Christian Science churches, namely Roman Revival.

Like most Christian Science Churches, this one is built to resemble a public building, with no religious symbolism inside or out. The building has a large portico with six two-story columns fronting on Eighth Avenue, a central dome with oculus, large art-glass windows, and elaborate window treatments with pilasters and a balcony on the Seneca side.

All four sides of the building are clad in terra cotta, a popular white glazed material that reflects light well in winter and glows after rain.

Town Hall has several remarkable features inside. A small stage is located in the ground floor. This was the original rostrum for the earliest services. In the Lobby, the art-glass, Tiffany-style lighting fixtures are still working. Curved wooden pews with fitted backs grace the Great Hall, formerly the sanctuary.The vaulted ceiling and the central dome, together with the thick masonry walls and the dispersion of sound from all the ornamentation, produce warm, full, “live” musical acoustics of the type rarely created today.

Town Hall’s home is undergoing renovation! Learn more about the 30 million dollar project and how you can help.

Admin Staff & Curators


Wier Harman Executive Director
Mary Cutler  General Manager
Leah Gray  Finance Director
Renate Child  Bookkeeper


Ashley Toia  Director of Programming
Edward Wolcher  Curator of Lectures
Jini Palmer  Digital Media Producer
Megan Castillo  Community Engagement Manager


Missy Miller Communications Director
Jonathan Shipley  Marketing Manager
Zac Eckstein  Website and Ticketing Manager
Alexander Eby  Copywriter


Kate Nagle-Caraluzzo Development Director
Grant Barber  Capital Campaign Manager
Haley Fenton Donor Relations & Membership Manager
Amanda Winterhalter  Institutional Giving Manager
Anthony Canape Development Coordinator
Laurel Taylor  Senior Database Administrator


Dana Feder  Production Director
Candace Wilkinson-Davis  Event Manager
Shirley Bossier  Rental & Booking Director
Shane Unger Event Manager
Bruno L’Ecuyer Technical Lead

Series Curators

Joshua Roman  Artistic Director, Town Music
Jon Kertzer  Curator, Global Rhythms
Susie Tennant  Curator, Saturday Family Concerts

Event Staff

Event Leads

Olivia Hoffmeyer
Stephanie Guerrero

Front of House Leads

Alisha Nieh
Kj Swanson
Leela Sabaratnam


Dave Campbell
Geoff Larson
Josh Manley
Luke Kehrwald
Moe Provencher
Ari Sullivan

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Board of Directors

Deborah Person, President
Anita Mires, Vice President
Bill Rives, Treasurer
Tom Robertson, Secretary
Susan Trapnell, Chair
Sheena Aebig
Mark Anderson
Linda Breneman

Kate Brostoff
Katherine de Bruyn
Mike James
Anjali Kaur
Elisa Mandell Keller
Leticia Lopez
Joe Massaquoi
Yazmin Mehdi
Clint Pehrson

Tyler Petri
Sheri Renner
Neil Roseman
Meena Selvakumar
Chuck Sitkin
Tramale Turner
Caroline VanHarmelen
Moya Vazquez


IRS Form 990 FY 2018  Audited Financial Statements FY 2018

Town Hall Association is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extend of the law.

Town Hall is not affiliated with the City of Seattle or any government agency.

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