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Announcing the launch of my.townhallseattle.org


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Several years ago we embarked upon a long-term project to significantly overhaul our ticketing system. After a strong partnership with our friends at Bold Type Tickets, we knew there was frustration and difficulty in navigating away from our site to purchase tickets, needing to have your member number handy to get access to pre-sales, not being able to renew memberships at the same time as making ticket purchases, issues with password resets, and a multitude of others. Plus, as we’ve been focusing on our digital stage programming, we’ve heard concerns about having to log into another platform to watch events. Much like the building remodel and Homecoming, it’s been quite a journey, with some definite growing pains and unexpected delays, but it’s here! We’ve just introduced my.townhallseattle.org, affectionately known to our team as my.THS, to simplify the process of purchasing, donating and viewing online. 

We want to extend a special note of gratitude to you as a member. Town Hall members have always been core to our mission and community, and they are more essential than ever in supporting our work in this challenging time to continue to foster conversations and community. This support has been instrumental in the creation of My.THS, from providing feedback to help us shape what our needs were, to the financial support to get us started on this project. We are finding joy in celebrating this project milestone, and you are a huge part of that. So thank you, and we hope to see you in my.THS soon!

There are a seemingly endless list of reasons that we’re excited about my.THS,—and new discoveries still to excite us—but we’re going to share just ten of them with you here.

  1. Do you have vouchers associated with your membership? If you are logged in to your account, you will see the vouchers you still have left to redeem and be able to apply them to any tickets you choose when you’re checking out. This also means you don’t have to try to keep track of how many vouchers you have left to use—just log in to my.THS and it will be visible with your member information! As a special bonus, all vouchers totals have been reset with the launch, so you’ll have a full set of those to use.
  2. Trying to access member pricing for an event that has a member discount ticket? In addition to having vouchers readily available, member pricing for tickets is automatically available when you are logged in to your account.
  3. Member status and renewal date can now be checked in my.THS. On the very first screen when you are logged in, you will see your membership information. You can upgrade to a higher membership level, you can add secondary member information, and you can see when you’re getting close to renewal time!
  4. Your email address is only shared with Town Hall. No more third party ticketing or broadcast sites! One of the things we hear often is that our community doesn’t always feel secure with sharing their information to Bold Type Tickets or Crowdcast. my.THS solves that problem.
  5. Less staff time spent working with different systems, which means more time to help out patrons! Our previous ticketing system required quite a bit of time from our patron services team to set up and maintain. Rather than wrestling with systems that don’t work for us, my.THS allows us to cut out the middle men, and allows our team to spend more of their time being available for patron needs.
  6. Coupon codes are easier than ever to use in the new system. From working with our members to rental clients and community partners, having our own system allows us to create coupon codes to serve any purpose, and be 100% controlled by our team. The next time you get a renewal membership letter you might even see a special deal!
  7. Town Hall has more control over the ticket buying process and the information that is included in confirmation emails. Another bummer about using third-party sites is that we didn’t have much control over the communications it would send out for events. Our customization for communications has increased by a magnitude, so we can tell you all the things you might need to know—and omit anything you don’t. It also means that our patron services team is going to be better able to respond to technical problems, because it’ll be our system.
  8. Ticket fees have gone down and now directly support Town Hall. Bold Type Tickets/Stranger Tickets added a flat rate as well as a percentage to calculate their fee, usually working out to about $1.36 for a typical $5 ticket but adding up to $2.54 for a $25 concert ticket. Our fee is $1 per ticket, and rather than supporting a third-party company, now your fee will directly support the creation and maintenance of my.THS, as well as the general operation of the platform.
  9. One log in to rule them all! No more having to remember a bunch of different logins and passwords for ticketing and donations and watching events. You log in to my.THS and you’re all set.
  10. Which brings us to perhaps the best feature: everything is all in one place! Once you’ve registered and logged in, you can buy tickets, watch and rewatch events, renew or upgrade memberships, and donate from one convenient dashboard. You can even buy a ticket for a friend and then email it to them!
We hope you will do some exploring. You can find more information, some video walkthroughs, and screenshots of answers to common questions at our brand new patron services page. This system should make life easier, so as always, please reach out to membership@townhallseattle.org if you have any issues with your membership or patronservices@townhallseattle.org if you have any issues with accessing our events.
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