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Part of the Town Music 2020-21 Joshua Roman Residency, Fermata

Feature Release

Premiere Trailer

Project Introduction

Raise your voice with us in this most unique collaboration between Town Hall Seattle, composer Noah Luna, poet Mighty Mike McGee, and singers like you! A composition for chorus has been written, and singers will be “performing” together, along with cellist Joshua Roman, by recording their voices and sending to our production team to assemble and share with our community online. The idea comes from Mighty Mike McGee’s poem “Widespread Orchestra”, a poem about singing to yourself during quarantine and hoping that someone, somewhere is singing too, and perhaps your voices make harmony together even though you are apart.

We would love any interested singers to contribute their voice to this project (deadline is Wednesday 10/28) and singing along with one of the rehearsal tracks detailed below. The recording you take can be done on any format: recorded into your phone’s “voice memos” app, recorded with your phone’s video camera like a youtube video, you can call the composer and sing it into his voicemail – any and every willing voice is welcome with any recording format.

It will certainly be much easier if you can read music and have sung in choir before, but the tracks below have also been prepared in several configurations, and there are several tracks with just your voice type alone. So, even if you don’t read music super well, but can follow along with the words and sing along with the pitches provided, you can give it a try!

Singer Toolkit

The full sheet music can be found HERE.

All reference recordings can be found HERE, and what is enclosed in that folder is:
1 – All parts without metronome (“click”), basically a mock-up of the whole piece
2 – All parts with click
3 – Soprano alone with click
4 – Alto alone with click
5 – Tenor alone with click
6 – Bass alone with click
7 – High voices with cello, sort of a mini “sectional” rehearsal for high voices
8 – Low voices with cello, sort of a mini “sectional” rehearsal for low voices

Recording is simple:
1- USE HEADPHONES (this is a must).
2- Turn your recording device ON.
3- Choose which reference recording you want to sing along to and hit play.
4- Sing along with the reference track to ensure you are singing at the same speed as other singers, and hit stop when you are done
note: please clap or snap on the downbeat of bar 5 – this will help us line up your recording with other singers’ recordings (imagine the clapperboard at the beginning of movie takes.)
5- Use the form below to submit your audio!

Submit your voice below by Monday 10/26 to be included!
The final piece will premiere in early November.

Let us know you’re interested and we’ll email you the info!

(Submitting this form does not lock you into a commitment, but gives us an idea of how many participants to expect)

  • We will send you all the info you need to submit here.

Ready to submit your audio? Use this form!

Submit your voice below by Monday 10/28 to be included! The final piece will premiere in early November.

  • For contact purposes only, no marketing or list sharing!
  • Please put the URL to your audio file here.
  • If you'd rather email your file directly, or if you have questions about your audio file, please email

The deadline for submissions has passed! Stay tuned for the release of the finished piece in November 2020.

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