Staff Spotlight: Mary Cutler, General Manager


Photo - MaryWhen asked about her position as Town Hall’s General Manager, Mary Cutler says modestly, “I keep things on track.” When she says ‘things,’ she means, well, nearly everything. From finance to human resources to overseeing the production team, she has a hand in most aspects of Town Hall’s operations.

Cutler worked as Town Hall’s Event Production Director for 3-1/2 years before transitioning to the position of General Manager in 2012. “I like to be involved with the whole operation, to have a sense of what’s happening all around the building.”

Now, as Town Hall embarks on a capital campaign to refurbish our century-old building, she’s taking on a whole new challenge. While Executive Director Wier Harman thinks about the big picture, she works with project managers, architects, and board committees to oversee the day-to-day planning work that’s required to make the vision a reality. Right now, Town Hall is deep in the planning stages of the project, but “when we start construction in a couple of years, I’ll be here, wearing a hard hat, checking in on the work and making sure it’s all going smoothly,” she says.

She loves working in an historic building, and she’s even ventured deep into its bowels to learn the ropes of the antique systems beneath the surface. If you see her around Town Hall, ask her for a tour of the (sometimes creepy) sub-basement. “It’s all going to change in ‘the dungeon,’” she says. “Once we start our renovation, a lot is going to change behind the scenes.”

When she attends events at Town Hall—travel writer Bill Bryson and family artist Elizabeth Mitchell are among her favorites—she’s stunned by the beauty of the space. “I love how Town Hall, in every way, creates loyalty. People fall in love with the building, and it’s important that the building still inspires devotion, even as we bring it into the next century.”

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