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Global Rhythms

Presenting musical traditions from across the globe.

Global Rhythms has brought prominent global voices to Seattle stages for over 15 years, highlighting artists who carry the musical traditions of their homes. This season we’re offering a hand-picked lineup of musicians who challenge borders—blurring lines between styles and traveling the world to find new homes, audiences, and inspirations.

Town Hall believes that our country is immeasurably enriched by the contributions of immigrant voices, and we’re excited to bring together a series of artists with immigrant roots. Whether they’re preserving the musical cultures of their homes or infusing them with modern sounds, these innovative artists are sustaining and transforming the traditions that connect them to their heritage.

Break borders with a Global Rhythms season that brings together artists—no matter where they call home—who fill the spaces between us with music. 


2018-19 Global Rhythms Concerts

$20 General Admission | $15 Town Hall Members

Dec 2, 2018
Event image
Mamak Khadem
Blending ancient Persian traditions with bold new sounds
Mar 18, 2019
Event image
Pedrito Martinez Group
Pushing the boundaries of Afro-Cuban percussion.
Mar 29, 2019
Event image
Lorraine Klaasen
A celebration of the musical traditions of South African Township music
Apr 26, 2019
Event image
Mokoomba and Chimurenga Renaissance
A double-booked night of Zimbabwean rhythms and Afro-fusion
May 31, 2019
Event image
Kinan Azmeh’s CityBand
Merging Western classical music with Middle Eastern folk traditions.

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