Town Hall's administrative offices are closed Monday 1/17 in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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This campaign ended May 31st.
Thank you for helping us raise nearly $240,000 toward acoustic improvements in our building!

From string quartets and rock orchestras to jazz ensembles and community choirs, Town Hall’s visiting artists often comment on the magic of the Great Hall. The space seats nearly 900, but the curved arrangement of our stately oak pews creates an intimacy and warmth seldom matched in halls of our size.  

Town Hall was founded as a home for our city’s dozens of homegrown community orchestras. Twenty years later those orchestras still play on our stages—but many more voices have joined them. We’ve grown into a bustling civic marketplace where the curious minds of our city engage with local luminaries, world-renowned icons, and over 100 community partner organizations.

And with your help, we’ll make the acoustics as exceptional as the energy in the room and the people on the stage. As part of our historic renovation we’re installing a suite of performance and sound upgrades designed by master acousticians at Jaffe Holden.

First on the list? A signature acoustic reflector above the Great Hall’s stage. The wooden construction mimics the shape of a lute and will deliver full, rounded sound to every seat in the house. Help us reflect our city’s voices, and keep Town Hall a place where big ideas reverberate.

Imagine a symphony in the Great Hall, a civic discussion in the new West Room, and live radio theatre Downstairs—all at the same time.

New sound-proofing will preserve sound fidelity between each space (and keep street noise at bay) so you hear every nuance of your program…and none of the others. Hear a pin drop, a single voice, the silence between violin strikes, or the roar of a full orchestra. Town Hall’s new acoustic system will amplify the sounds of our city—louder and clearer than ever.

Hear a sixth-grader spell her way to greatness, savor the perfect harmony of a full choir, lend your voice to a rally of impassioned activists. With your help, we’ll place a world-class performance space into the hands of artists, scholars, and cultural groups across our region. Together, we’ll create a people’s concert hall—for all, forever.

A Big Thank you to our Matching Gift Donors

The Nesholm Family Foundation and Wyncote Foundation collectively matched nearly $100,000 worth of your donations helping us exceed our fundraising goal by nearly $40,000.

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