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Mon 6/25, 2012, 7:00pm
What Animals Can Teach Us About Health and the Science of Healing

In the tradition of Temple Grandin, Oliver Sacks, and Neil Shubin, Zoobiquity authors Barbara Natterson Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers have broken scientific ground with “a species-spanning approach to medicine.” In Zoobiquity (also the name of their new book), the authors draw on the deep knowledge and expertise of veterinary practice to address human needs, and vice-versa. Their work illuminates care for heart and kidneys, sexually transmitted diseases, and even psychiatric health, across all animal species, humans, chimps, and other animals alike. Presented as part of Seattle Science Lectures, with Pacific Science Center and University Book Store. Series sponsored by Microsoft. Series media sponsorship provided by KPLU.

About the authors

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