Mar 17, 2020
Friends of Cooper Island presents
(cancelled) Watching the Arctic Melt Away
Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 7:00PM
The Forum

Nearly half a century ago, Seattle resident George Divoky began a study of an Arctic seabird on Cooper Island off northern Alaska with no idea of the changes he would be documenting of the next five decades. In 2001, The New York Times Magazine reported on his research with a cover image by Joe McNally of George standing on sea ice just north of Cooper Island. In the summer of 2019, McNally returned to Cooper Island to update the image with George standing at the same spot but up to his knees in water in an ice-free ocean.

Divoky makes his way to Town Hall with a short documentary on McNally’s recent visit to Cooper Island. Divoky takes the stage to discuss his 2019 findings observations and unpack what his long-term study tells us about the increasing pace of global climate change. He offers us a firsthand account of fifty years in a melting Arctic, and considers the implications for ongoing global climate change.

Presented by Friends of Cooper Island.

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