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Wed 6/2, 2021, 6:00pm
Town Hall Seattle and Seattle City Club present
Virtual Civic Cocktail (livestream)
One Guilty Verdict – What’s Next?



The guilty verdict against Derek Chauvin, the police officer who murdered George Floyd, was celebrated as a victory for racial equity progress in our country. As our nation continues to wrestle with racial equity, what local progress has been made? What have our leaders learned from the protests and calls for reform over the past several years? Are there steps we can take as a community to create a more equitable community for all?

Join us for a virtual Civic Cocktail program with our host Joni Balter and guests Jasmyne Keimig, staff writer at the Stranger, Naomi Ishisaka, assistant managing editor at The Seattle Times, and Kurt Streeter, Sports of The Times columnist at The New York Times, on June 2, at 6pm PDT. This will be an in-depth conversation for about 45 minutes with the guests, including audience questions.

As a 40-year-old nonpartisan, civics-focused nonprofit, Seattle CityClub provides a platform for insightful and educational conversations that include a diverse range of perspectives. This program wouldn’t be possible without Comcast as our premiere partner, our media partner Seattle Channel and our production partner Town Hall Seattle. 

Presented by Town Hall Seattle and Seattle City Club.

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