UW Science Engage, Ada’s Technical Books, and Town Hall Seattle present
UW Science Now
Rachel Creighton, Maria Viitaniemi, & Brita Horlings
Thursday, April 26, 2018, 7:30PM
Ada’s Technical Books
425 15th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112
Doors at 6:30PM
UW Science Now is an annual tradition where Town Hall teams with UW Science Engage to bring local graduate students to the stage to present their latest cutting-edge research. This year we’re thrilled to partner with Ada’s Technical Books to feature these illuminating talks in a casual setting where audiences can enjoy a drink and an evening of scientific breakthroughs!

Tiny needles smaller than the thickness of a penny, called microneedles, have shown potential for pain-free and user-friendly delivery of drugs and vaccines. As microneedles are applied to more complex medical challenges in the future, additional strategies for incorporating the drug or vaccine will be needed to enable further optimization and innovation. This need inspired the design of a new type of microneedle: an integrated fiber microneedle. Rachel Creighton joins us with updates from her design process, and shares auspicious possibilities for the potential applications of this new microneedle system.

What makes up a defect in a crystal, and how can we turn these flaws into advantages? Through better understanding crystals and the defects in their structures, UW Science graduate student Maria Viitaniemi aims to transform our potential applications of crystals and ultimately integrate them into the design of a Quantum Computer.

Understanding changes of the snow and ice on Antarctica and Greenland are critical for understanding future sea-level rise. Snowflakes fall, get buried, and eventually turn into ice. This transition can take centuries, and depends mainly on the temperature and how much snow falls each year. How will climate change alter the speed of this transition? Brita Horlings explores our current understanding and research, and how they can be used to better estimate sea-level rise.

Presented by UW Science Engage, Ada’s Technical Books, and Town Hall Seattle as part of the Science series.

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