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Tue 4/2, 2019, 7:30pm
UW Engage Project, Ada’s Technical Books, and Town Hall Seattle present
UW Science Now
Rachel Kubiak, Taryn Black

UW Science Now is an annual tradition where Town Hall teams with UW Science Engage to bring local graduate students to the stage to present their latest cutting-edge research. We’re thrilled to partner with Ada’s Technical Books to feature illuminating talks in a casual setting where audiences can enjoy a drink and an evening of scientific breakthroughs!

Obesity and diabetes change a person’s risk for active tuberculosis (TB). Rachel Kubiak presents findings from her time in India which showed that TB was much more common among obese people with diabetes—but people with diabetes can also be of a healthy weight. Since more people fall into this category, the burden of TB caused by diabetes is similar in normal weight and obese people. Kubiak offers research advocating for TB screening for all people in India with diabetes, regardless of their weight.

How much are Greenland’s glaciers changing, and how fast? Taryn Black shares research from mapping the changes in these glaciers over the course of years—and even weeks. Most of these glaciers are retreating, but Black reveals that in the late 1990s they started retreating much faster. She considers the potential reasons for this widespread diminution of Greenland’s glaciers, weighing factors such as rising air temperatures, ocean temperatures, or causes as-of-yet unknown.

Presented by UW Engage Project, Ada’s Technical Books, and Town Hall Seattle.

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