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Wed 1/8, 2020, 7:30pm
Town Hall Seattle and RepresentUs present
‘Unbreaking America’
Screening and Discussion

According to RepresentUs founder and CEO Josh Silver, practices of corruption have taken political power away from Americans. He asserts that special interests, lobbyists, and the entrenched political establishment have rigged the system for their own self-interest, distorting the way we vote, the way candidates run for office, and the way politicians govern. Silver joins us for a screening and discussion of the short film Unbreaking America: Solving the Democracy Crisis, starring Silver alongside actress Jennifer Lawrence. 

Unbreaking America offers us a look at the systemic corruption plaguing American politics with the goal of placing political influence in the hands of special interest groups and the economic elite. Silver showcases the ways in which Americans can pass laws at the state and local levels to end political bribery, fix broken elections, end secret money, and restore their influence in government. Sit in for a critical conversation with Silver as he offers a master class in the anti-corruption movement and presents insight on exactly how we can fix this massive political breakdown.

Josh Silver is the founder and director of RepresentUs, a post-partisan, nonprofit organization that is advancing campaign finance and election reforms across the nation. Josh publishes widely on democracy, media, elections, campaign finance and a range of other public policy issues.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle and RepresentUs.

Additional support provided by Folio: The Seattle Athenaeum

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