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Tue 6/23, 2015, 7:30pm
Tony Hey
Engaging The Next Generation in Computer Science
For better or worse, computers are here to stay and, according to former Microsoft VP Hey, it’s important to engage youth in not only the fast-paced world of coding, but in the continually-evolving realm of computer science. He’ll explain why, and also offer a historical overview of the history of computing.
Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 7:30PM

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The Forum
1119 8th Ave (Entrance off Seneca St.)
Seattle, Washington 98101
Doors open: 6:30pm

Tony Hey

For better or worse, computers are here to stay. The Computing Universe is a “comprehensive, authoritative, and nonpartisan account” (George Dyson) of the moving parts that make up our technological world. Tony Hey, senior data science fellow with the University of Washington’s eScience Institute (and former Microsoft VP), expertly details the history of technology and computers, from their early days to the present era of networked social media and artificial intelligence. He’ll discuss this trajectory, why it’s important to engage “nerdy teenagers” in this field, and outline a potential future for the next generation–one where children become adept at coding, but also engage in the continually-evolving realm of computer science.

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Presented by: Town Hall, Ada’s Technical Books, and Ada’s Developers Academy, as part of The Seattle Science Lectures.

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