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Sun 6/20, 2021, 5:00pm
Timothy White Eagle (In-Person)
An Open House Performance Honoring the Summer Solstice

On the longest day of the year, performance and visual artist Timothy White Eagle invites us to the culmination of his time as Artist-in-Residence at Town Hall. In this six-hour durational performance open house, we invite community together to honor the ancestors. To honor lives we may not have known and honor the journey into the undiscovered country beyond the view of the living.

Using transformational space, sound, ritual, and community, we draw on spiritual traditions from around the world​. ​We​, the living​, are called upon to offer meditation and witnessing for the journey of the dead.  And in that work​, on behalf of those who no longer breathe, we seek release. We seek release from fear of no longer breathing, from the fear of death.

Click here to find out more about White Eagle’s presentation exploring his work and the first half of his residency.

Click here to read more about White Eagle and his past work.

Ticketing will be based on timed entry. Ticket will be available for purchase at the door. Our COVID safety procedures require that patrons wear masks at all times. 

Presented by Town Hall Seattle.

Community Partner: On the Boards

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