Tue 3/29, 2016, 6:00pm
UW Science Now
Tiffany Woelfel and Marshall Styczinski
How Ethical is Research Using Social Media; Making Physics More Accessible

Marshall_Styczinski (1)

In our increasingly tech-dependent world, what role do ethics play in using social media for research? Tiffany Woelfel (master’s student in Social Work and Public Health) has managed studies using social media and has some ideas on how to improve the process. She’ll share what she’s learned after interviewing people from ethics committees all over the country, why a “manual” of ethics should be created for this field, and what this has to do with the intersection of privacy and confidentiality. Next up, PhD physics student Marshall Styczinski will explore the use of interactive media as a tool for enhancing student learning in his field. He’ll present his research on removing obstacles in science education, making introductory physics more accessible to a higher number of people.

Presented by: Town Hall and the University of Washington, as part of its UW Science Now series.

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