Wed 10/21, 2020, 6:00pm
Town Hall Seattle, Seattle Disabilities Commission & Seattle LGBTQ+ Commission present
The Unique Wisdom of Intersectional Identities (livestream)
A Panel With Local Queer and Disabled Leaders

2020 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the passage of the ADA. While there is still much work to be done, there is also much to celebrate. In partnership with the Seattle Disabilities Commission and the Seattle LGBTQ+ Commission, Town Hall invites you to this panel about the intersection of identity and the knowledge of leadership that comes with it, featuring Neve Mazique, a Disabled multigender femme artist; Catalleya Storm, a Black Deaf writer; and ChrisTiana ObeySumner, social equity consulting firm CEO and a Black/Indigenous, Queer, Non-Binary, and multiply disabled person.

In a radical conversation around disability justice, the panel explores how lived experiences can lead the way into dismantling the systems of oppression currently in place. Perhaps most importantly, they celebrate the joy, abundance, creativity, and care that the disability and queer communities have in connection with one another, and honor the relatives who paved the way.

Neve Mazique (they/them) is a Disabled multigender femme fop mixed-race (Indigenous) Black Choreographer/Dancer, Composer/Singer, Writer/Actor, Painter/Model, Hoodoo Voodoo Magician, and Performance Artist based in Unceded Coast Salish Territories. Neve creates body-based storytelling through a mixture of dance, music, and theatre particularly for people with body-based trauma, in order to continue true evolution towards liberation. They have been teaching, creating performances, spaces, happenings, and waxing lyrical about the magic of existence and the worthiness of life forms for over a decade.

Catelleya Storm (they/them) graduated in 2016 with a Bachelors in Political Science. Today, they work as a pharmacy specialist and works to bring awareness to issues impacting the Black, Deaf, disabled, and LGBTQ communities. They were born hearing but started losing their hearing in their late teens, and identify as Deaf/HOH, with the understanding that they are part of both the hearing world and the Deaf world. They believe that we all can bring about positive change in the world.

ChrisTiana ObeySumner (they/them) is a Black/Indigenous, Queer, Non-Binary, and multiply disabled person. They are the CEO of Epiphanies of Equity LLC, a social equity consulting firm that particularly specializes in social change, intersectionality, antiracism, and disability justice. For nearly two decades, they have dedicated their life and career to amplifying the importance of social equity—particularly narrative identity development and its role in cultural humility and allyship, bringing awareness to the lived experience of racialized ableism and externalizing anti-Blackness, and dismantling the psychosocial paradigms that underlie social injustice and inaction.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle, Seattle Disabilities Commission & Seattle LGBTQ+ Commission

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