Sep 19, 2020
The New Truth: or, a Short History of Evidence (livestream)
A Town Hall Benefit Featuring Jill Lepore and Hanson Hosein
Saturday, September 19, 2020, 6:00PM
Digital Stage

Inspired by her Harvard course on “The History of Evidence,” acclaimed historian Jill Lepore joins us for this very special benefit presentation about our changing understanding of truth. Lepore discusses the history of Western Europe and the United States, from middle ages to present, looking at the evolution of what is considered “proof.” Across law, history, science, and journalism, the rules and standards of evidence have changed with the rise of empiricism in the nineteenth century, the questioning of truth in the twentieth, and the consequences of the digital revolution in the twenty-first. What do the changing rules of what makes something true mean to our world, and to your life? Don’t miss this quintessential Town Hall voice in a one-of-a-kind discussion.

Each donation includes one (1) signed copy of Lepore’s book, IF THEN: How the Simulmatics Corporation Invented the Future. Books will be mailed to your billing address by Phinney Books with free shipping provided.

Jill Lepore is the David Woods Kemper ‘41 Professor of American History at Harvard University and is also a staff writer at The New Yorker. A two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, her many books include the international bestseller, These Truths.

Hanson Hosein is the co-founder of the Communication Leadership graduate program at the University of Washington and the President of HRH Media Group LLC, a media production and communications strategy firm. Hanson is presently intent on recalibrating the power dynamic between people and technology as Co-Principal of MIRA! — Mobilize Innovation, Reimagine Agency — a community-first approach to learning and innovation. He’s the host of UW’s “Co-Existing with COVID-19” Public Lectures series, and leads conversations on misinformation in partnership with the UW Center for an Informed Public.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle.

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