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Sat 1/20, 2024, 11:00am
Town Hall Seattle presents
Saturday Family Concert: The Harmonica Pocket
Swinging Songs of the Northwest
Keeth from Harmonica Pocket (with light skin, short brown hair, and fedora) smiles and plays an acoustic guitar outdoors.

Experience the joy of music at Town Hall Seattle’s Saturday Family Concerts, where captivating performances and interactive musical adventures create cherished memories for all ages!

The Harmonica Pocket features the swinging songs of Northwest singer-songwriter Keeth Monta Apgar. Rich in image, harmony, and rhyme, his lyrical songs tell stories about plants, love, forgiveness, and the outdoors.

As both a recording and live performance project, The Harmonica Pocket is known for its outside-the-box headphone-pop and highly improvised live shows laced with unusual cover songs and humor.

While sometimes featuring a cast o’plenty, The Harmonica Pocket brings their zesty solo act to Town Hall, incorporating live loops to “build a band” right in front of the audience’s ears. Acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass, wah-wah guitar solos, and harmonicas fill out a big sound for a solo performer with only a handful of instruments and a loop pedal on stage. The Harmonica Pocket has a lot of fun onstage and every interactive, highly improvised all-ages show gets kids and grown-ups singing, laughing and moving in their seats.

The Harmonica Pocket has charted on core college and non-commercial radio stations around the country is being played on satellite radio, MTV, other cable stations, and is currently being streamed all over the planet.

As with all of our Saturday Family Concerts, this event is free for ages 22 and under.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle

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