Sun 9/6, 2020, 6:00pm
The Deep End Friends Podcast (livestream)
Black Healing



The Deep End Friends podcast is an exploration of liberation, healing, hope, joy, and wholeness. What does it mean to be free? What are Black people doing to heal themselves and the world? Hear from incredible people from all walks of life about their journeys, what they are doing to thrive and how they are contributing to broader movements of empowerment and liberation.

Co-hosts Reagan Jackson and Anastacia-Renee joins us via livestream to record a live episode of Deep End Friends featuring a wide range of unique perspectives about Black healing, including anthropology student Mary Hall-Williams; movement artist TAQUEET$; Victoria Santos, the Co-Executive Director of Young Women Empowered; and Rocky Lester, founder of One Race One Humanity. Listen in as they dive deep with these incredible guests on the healings they bring to the community and the world, and the importance of Black healing in this particular moment of our evolution as a country.

Reagan Jackson is a writer, artist, international educator, prayer practitioner, and seeker of truth. She is currently a Program Director for Young Women Empowered and a columnist for the Seattle Globalist. She is an award-winning journalist who contributes regularly to the Seattle Globalist and South Seattle Emerald. Her self-published works include two children’s books, Coco LaSwish: A Fish from a Different Rainbow and Coco LaSwish: When Rainbows Go Blue, and three collections of poetry God, Hair, Love, and America; Love and Guatemala; and Summoning Unicorns.

Anastacia-Renee is a multi-genre writer, educator, and interdisciplinary artist. She is the recipient of the 2018, James W. Ray Distinguished Artist Award for Washington artists (Artist Trust), and has served as the Seattle Civic Poet from 2017-2019, and the 2015-2017 Poet-in-Residence at Hugo House. She is the author of five books: Forget It, (v.), 26, Kiss Me Doll Face, and Answer(Me).

Mary Hall-Williams is a student in the University of Washington’s Anthropology department. She is conducting honors research on automatic and intentional coping mechanisms in response to Viral Black Death and racism. She is also a co-founder of Blackout Healing. In the past, Mary has worked as a youth pastor at Damascus Missionary Baptist Church, in partnership with African American Reach and Teach Health Ministry (AARTH), with youth-led homeless outreach and gardening and sustainability efforts, and most recently with Working Washington on initiatives for domestic workers rights.

Victoria Santos is the Co-Executive Director of Young Women Empowered. She is a leader who works for social justice and racial equality with institutions, schools, and community organizations in the US and internationally. Victoria is a Spanish-fluent Afro-Latina immigrant born in the Dominican Republic. Her commitment to social justice and service has expressed itself in many forms over the past 30 years, including designing programs, community advocacy, facilitating groups, and community development in the US and internationally. Victoria emphasizes intersectional awareness, individual and collective healing, and commitment to compassionate action.

Rocky Lester is a gifted mystic and healer, a spiritual leader, and founder of One Race One Humanity. He has studied cross-cultural and spiritual modalities from across the world alongside his mentors and teachers, seeking first his own healing and then using the lessons learned to aid in the healing of others. Rocky’s belief in the healing of the human spirit through conversation led him to work with the Washington State Corrections Hero’s Journey Project. He sat on the board of LGBTQ Allyship and widened his vision in the creation of One Race One Humanity in 2018. One Race One Humanity is a platform for healing cross-culturally with the intention to establish a coalition in standing for all people’s basic human rights.

Born and raised in Seattle, TAQUEET$ is a movement artist with a style all her own. Her tagline “The Physical Representation of Sound” helps to describe what can be seen from a TAQUEET$ performance piece. From a childhood studying dance with Spectrum Dance, Danec Chance, and T.T.A.A.P.P. Central, as she got older, she began to explore less classical styles of dance. In 2015, she became a resident performer at The Pink Door, performing well over 50 freestyles.This summer, TAQUEET$ is leading a group of teens from Coyote Central in creating a long-form performance piece.

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