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Dec 8, 2014
Scholar and Artist in Residence
Steve Scher and Elana Jacobs
Resident Findings

Elana and SteveHome is a big concept — as big as a region, as small as a safe haven. Scholar in Residence Steve Scher will build on his explorations with Town Hall members, friends, family, and strangers, sharing what he has learned and how it was affected his idea of home. What do we learn about people when we ask them, where are you home? Also exploring the concept of home and sense of place, Artist in Resident Elana Jacobs (Artistic Director of CabinFever) will premiere an original dance project “be by me,” inspired by interviews with students from the Nova Project, as well as their  summer tour “salutations,” where they performed in 5 different homes collaborating with 5 families to create tributes to their spaces based on memory and architecture. Featuring original music by Doug Barber, lighting by Evan Anderson, and performances by CabinFever artists Emily Craver, Emily Pacilio, and local dancer Sarah Lustbader, the piece will work with light and sense of balance to articulate the complicated answer to the question she and Scher have been asking — “where are you home?”.

Presented by: Town Hall as part of the Arts & Culture series and In Residence program. Sponsored by A&P.
Doors open: 6:30 pm.

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