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Tue 9/11, 2012, 7:30pm
Seattle Architecture Foundation
Co-Housing: Re-creating the Village

What does “quality of life” mean: having neighbors who know and help one another—maybe even sharing meals and working together to live lighter? That’s the concept of “co-housing,” a way of life designed to encourage social interaction and investment in the greater good, as well as serve as a model for sustainable urban communities. The Seattle Architecture Foundation’s 2012-13 lecture series Developing Community Through Design kicks off with a discussion of co-housing as an alternative to the single-family suburban home from the perspectives of the architect, the developer, and the resident of co-housing communities. The panel includes Grace Kim, Schemata Workshop; Jen Witsoe, resident of Winslow CoHousing; Michele Domash, Puget Ridge Cohousing; and Eli Spevek of Orange Splot in Portland. Presented by the Seattle Architecture Foundation.

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