Masks are strongly recommended at Town Hall Seattle. Read our current COVID-19 policies and in-building safety protocols.
Thu 9/8, 2022, 6:30pm
Says You! presents
Says You! Radio
The Snappiest Comeback Ever

27 years in the making, Says You! returns to Town Hall Seattle for a FINAL performance. Public radio’s hilarious word-game show has been a mainstay of weekend broadcasts nationally for over 25 years. Tom Bergeron will host six players, split into two teams, and field questions without any preparation and positively no scripts for hard-won points. Your takeaways: quotable quips, bon mots, and running jokes. Our motto: “It’s not important to know the answers; it’s more important to like the answers.”

About Says You!

Richard Sher, creator, writer and long-time host of Says You!, partnered with WGBH (Boston) to launch a comedic game show in 1996. Today, Laura Sher produces Says You! alongside Co-Producer Antonio Oliart. Original cast members: Barry Nolan, Francine Achbar, Tony Kahn, will challenge Carolyn Faye Fox, Murray Horwitz, and Deb Hiett, plan to take the stage once more. Production of new live shows ceased in 2021. National public radio stations continue to carry Says You! cementing its place as a legacy show joining Car Talk, What D’ya Know?, and the British show, My Word. Find them on a local station or podcast.

Presented by Says You! Radio.

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