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Wed 7/15, 2015, 7:30pm
Roger Shimomura with Gary Faigin
Pop Goes the Melting Pot
Roger Shimomura

Roger Shimomura

Americans Vs. Japs, courtesy of Greg Kucera Gallery
Americans Vs. Japs, courtesy of Greg Kucera Gallery

Seattleite Roger Shimomura’s art melds politics, identity, and ethnicity for a result that’s visually-inspiring and critically-acclaimed, but sometimes controversial. Shimomura, who spent part of his youth in a WWII-era American internment camp, will appear in conversation with Gary Faigin, Gage Academy co-founder and Artistic Director, for a discussion of his art, influences, and current projects. He’ll give insight into his work–from the superheroes and stereotypes he portrays, to his pop art spin on identity–and explore how his personal history and experiences have shaped his paintings, prints, and theatre pieces.

Learn more: About Shimomura.

Presented by: Town Hall, Gage Academy, and Elliott Bay Book Company, as part of the Arts & Culture series.

Series supported by:

4culture_color   and  ArtsFund_Logo_Stacked_CMYKand StateAndFullName-B&W-HiRes and the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.

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