Mon 4/26, 2021, 1:00pm
Riane Eisler with C.E. Bick (podcast)
In The Moment Podcast, Ep. 94

Will pandemic, protest, economic instability, and social distance lead to deeper inequalities, more nationalism, and further erosion of democracies around the world? Or are we moving toward a global re-awakening to the importance of community, mutual support, and the natural world? The New Possible: Visions of Our World Beyond Crisis argues that the future has never been so up for grabs in our lifetime, with unique visions from 28 global leaders. In this week’s episode, contributor Riane Eisler joins us to share her own vision of what can be in conversation with C.E. Bick, presenting not just an inspiration for the future but a potential roadmap for action.

Dr. Riane Eisler is a social systems scientist, cultural historian, and attorney. Dr. Eisler is president of the Center for Partnership Studies dedicated to research and education, and Editor-in-Chief of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies. Her books include The Chalice and the Blade, The Real Wealth of Nations, and most recently Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future.

C.E. Bick is a reporter and visual journalist for the South Seattle Emerald, covering police accountability and COVID-19.

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