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Tue 12/7, 2021, 7:30pm
Humanities Washington and Town Hall Seattle present
Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons
Redefining Protest Through Music

Acts of protest tap into layers of our heritage and identity that strengthen the foundations of what we are fighting for. How can we root ourselves more deeply in our heritage and identity to strengthen our fight against injustice?

Using roots music as a lens, Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons draw on stories, songs, and the people behind protest movements from around the world, connecting them with layered conceptions of heritage. By redefining the terms “protest” and “heritage,” Hunter and Seamons invite audiences to explore and reimagine our shared humanity.

In partnership with Humanities Washington, Hunter and Seamons join us in the Town Hall Forum for an evening of storytelling and musical inspiration.

Ben Hunter (he/him) and Joe Seamons (he/him) are nationally touring, acclaimed roots musicians and award-winning acoustic blues songsters. Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, they take their unique integration of performance, folklore, and education with them to schools and communities nationwide. Co-founders of The Rhapsody Project, they celebrate the power of American music to help people connect more deeply with their heritage. Their projects are based in Seattle.

Presented by Town Hall Seattle and Humanities Washington.

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