Jun 8, 2016
Protecting Yourself and Your Privacy in the Digital Age
A Call to Action
Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 6:00PM
The Great Hall

Bob Ferguson

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As the details of our lives become more and more digitized, privacy concerns loom large. This volunteer, grassroots, community forum seeks to raise awareness regarding digital privacy concerns, especially for marginalized and underrepresented populations. The program addresses a broad range of challenges that historically vulnerable communities face in navigating their privacy rights including: online addiction, cyber-bullying, identity and senior fraud, and greater demands for personal data access. The forum will also discuss concerns about instances of government surveillance, like police body cameras and increasing digital intrusion through basic government services. The event will focus on hyper-local, no- or low-cost actions to help individuals address the powerful networks that take advantage of personal privacy weaknesses.

Come early for a community resource fair (starting at 5:00pm) for networking, learning more about the issues at hand, and contributing to the conversation via an interactive discussion board.

After the mainstage forum, at 7:30pm, producer Scilla Andreen will hold a discussion in the Town Hall Pub about her documentary, Screenagers.


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Presented by: Town Hall as part of the Civics series.


Series supported by:

CMYKblue WEB   and  RealNetworks Foundation

and the True-Brown Foundation.


Series media sponsorship provided by:

KUOW 94.9

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