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Sat 10/14, 2017, 3:00pm
Town Hall, The Seattle Lesbian, and Plymouth Church present
Parenting While Queer
Conversations with LGBTQ Parents About Identity and Family

Event Schedule:

2PM-3PM: Resource Fair
3PM: Panel Discussion

NOTE: Childcare is being offered at this event, complimentary. If you would like to take advantage, email with the number and ages of children that will need care.

Seattle families come in all colors of the rainbow! This event is bringing together parents from across the LGBTQ spectrum to share about their home lives–from navigating inquiries from curious strangers, to adventures in explaining how babies are made, to everyday tasks of teething and curfew negotiations. The program is a great chance for same gender couples and their straight allies to understand the unique issues facing LGBTQ families.

Our panelists include Mac McGregor, our first out transgender candidate for Seattle City Council in 2017; Reverend Steven Davis, an openly gay minister with the Plymouth Church and a father of four; Courtney Faria, the Western Region Program Manager of COLAGE, the only national organization by and for people with one or more LGBTQ parents, guardians, or caregivers; and Sarah Toce, partnered lesbian mom who is the Founder of The Seattle Lesbian. The panel will be moderated by Kristin Leong, proud QPOC mom to a 4th grader. Leong is the founder of which is humanizing the gaps in race, gender, and sexual orientation separating students and teachers. 

Presented by Town Hall Seattle as part of the Civics series.

Community partners: The Seattle Lesbian, Gay City, and Seattle Gay News.

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